10 Golden Rules Of Snacking


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Written By Melissa Fiorenza

With spring cleaning in full swing, now’s a good time to spruce up the way you snack too. Do your mind, body, and soul good with these 10 rules. Plus enjoy exclusive savings from Graze, the easiest way to snack healthy!


Banish the bad stuff

Hang Post-Its in the kitchen with “DON’T EAT JUNK” written on them to remind you in moments of weakness that you deserve better.


Plan ahead

Every Sunday, divvy up your snacks for the week. Last thing you need at the 3pm office slump are sugary vending machine options.


Time it right

Snack between meals—mid-morning, and mid-afternoon. Twice a day is likely all you need.


Cover all your nutrients

If your bigger meals don’t typically include enough, say, B-vitamin, get it at snack time with nuts or seeds.


Eat in a relaxed state

Keeping stress down keeps digestion happy. “You can do thisby taking just 5 deep breaths before you eat,” says Jess Dyer, Graze nutritionist.


Chew slowly

Research shows that chewing until “no lumps remain” increases the number of calories the body burns during digestion: about 10 extra calories for a 300-calorie meal.


Use portion control

Portion sizes these days are out of control. Check the nutrition info on every snack to ensure you’re eatinga single portion.


Be present

Notice what you’re eating. Savor it. Enjoy it! When you mindlessly snack and Netflix, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re eating.


Read Expert Advice

Smart snacking takes a village and knowledge.Find out, for example, what three foods nutritionists will never eat.


Mix it up

Have fun with your food. Discover new ingredients. Sample flavors you never had before.