5 Beauty Foods for Radiant Summer Skin 

radiant skin beautiful woman by the ocean in bikini.jpg

Written by Barb Biagioli

The arrival of sunshine and the summer season yields an abundant harvest of colorful crops. Fresh fruits and bright ripe vegetables adorn the farmer’s market bins and baskets, overflowing and filled to the brim with local produce. 

 Summer is the season of energy and creativity – full of beach trips, bike rides and lounging by the lake; the season that is fueled by activity. During the hot summer months our bodies search for sustenance and energy, seeking out nourishing plant foods that support vitality specific to the climate and season. Our bodies crave hydrating, detoxing and cleansing foods throughout the summer – foods that also happen to be particularly important for the health of our skin.

 Often forgotten as our largest organ, our skin is a crucial barometer of internal health, speaking to us on the outside about our bodies ability to assimilate nutrition on the inside, by way of our heart and small intestines. The appearance of our skin is an indication of the overall health of our body. 

 As you head into summer, eating a plethora of plant based foods will help you glow from the inside out. Summer crops are packed with phytochemicals – natural beauty boosters that are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, naturally cooling and hydrating foods – that support radiant summer skin. Instead of lathering yourself in expensive creams, cover ups and toxic skincare products, take stock of your pantry this season and consider adding these 5 beauty foods to your grocery list to get your glow on. 

1. Berries

Blueberries and raspberries are loaded with anti-aging properties that will keep you looking and feeling younger. They contain age fighting antioxidants, anthocyanin pigments, that boost the skin’s elasticity and connective tissue and protect against UV damage. Raspberries in particular have blood building and liver supporting properties that strengthen the skin. Blueberries contain Vitamin C and E, beauty nutrients that boost circulation and prevent wrinkles. 

 2. Spinach

Rich in beta-carotene, spinach helps to prevent wrinkles and remove dead skin. The beta carotene is converted to Vitamin A in the body and known for it’s anti-aging powers. To optimally absorb the nutrients from dark leafy greens like spinach, add foods that also contain Vitamin C. For your next spinach salad, combine tahini and lemon to whip up a quick summer salad dressing for your next picnic.

3. Peppers

Red, yellow and orange bell peppers are packed with beauty boosters. They are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and circulation boosting, as well as great sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin B that support the elasticity of the skin. Enjoy them raw to retrieve their free-radical fighting benefits.

 4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are sun defense superheroes, protecting your skin from UV damage. Their anti-cancer nutrients lycopene and beta-carotene defend the skin from wrinkles, age spots and lines all brought on by the sun. Also known for their anti-inflammatory properties and Vitamin E, tomatoes promote healthy circulation helping your skin look fuller and brighter all summer long. Cooking tomatoes increases lycopene absorption – throw them in a pot for Sunday sauce.  

5. Peaches

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful free radical fighters. Consuming peaches in the summer months will support your bodies collagen production and improve your complexion. The beta-carotene in peaches converts to Vitamin A, repairing cell damage and the Vitamin E strengthens cell membranes for luminous skin. 

These five foods are sure to improve your digestion, hydration and circulation, while improving the elasticity and collagen in your skin. Including these fruits and vegetables in your daily diet will improve your mood, your gut health and your glow; summer beauty that you can truly savor.