5 Books I'm Bringing To The Beach


Written by: Lauren Pavia

I think there’s a big distinction between a “beach read” and “books I will be reading on the beach” but regardless, here are five books you should absolutely read this summer (on the beach or wherever you’re heading). 


Out East: Memoir of a Montauk Summer by John Glynn

I devoured this book in a single day. Set in a summer share in the Hamptons, the author reckons with his sense of self as he forms new relationships with his housemates. Glynn’s prose is lyrical (even for those of us who have never stepped foot in Montauk). 

Amazon, $17.70


Normal People by Sally Rooney

There’s a reason this novel is making the rounds at book clubs everywhere. If you love a story about how our relationshionships evolve, for better, for worse, or otherwise, you’re going to want to dive into these delicious, poignant, and deeply relatable pages. 

Amazon, $14.82


The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

Calling all introverts: this is a book that will speak to your soul. Nina’s world revolves around her bookstore job, trivia, and reading — nothing else matters. When her life is upended in a totally unanticipated way, she’s forced to come out of her shell and create a new narrative for herself. 

Amazon, $9.99


Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes

This one has come highly recommended to me (by most of my Instagram feed). If the author’s name sounds familiar, it’s because you might know her as the host of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. In Evvie Drake Starts Over, Holmes provides us a quirky story about characters who are doing their best, even if they’re not always getting it right. 

Amazon, $17.74


Fleishman is in Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner

This was one of the most anticipated releases of the summer, and for good reason. Fleishman is in Trouble a smart, funny, insightful debut novel about a newly single dad who is forced to assume full parental responsibility for his two kids when his soon-to-be ex-wife disappears. 

Amazon, $15.53