8 Last Minute Things To Do For Someone You Love


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Written By: Suzanne Kvilhaug

Love is in the air! And so is the feeling of panic to get something, do something or find a way to make it a memorable Valentine’s Day for that special person in your life. Whether it’s a spouse, partner or someone you’re in a situationship with (that you’re looking to turn into a relationship) here are some ideas that’ll make you look like a modern day Romeo or Juliet who had this in the works a long, long time ago.

1. Book a surprise weekend getaway

Whisk them away! Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year which means booking a surprise weekend getaway could be the clutch plan you need to make. If you’re looking for something old school and romantic, check to see if there is a bed and breakfast near you. Not sure where you want to go but sure you want to go somewhere? Here are some great 3 day vacation ideas. Bon voyage!

2. Get physical

Put your best pair of workout clothes on, lace up your sneakers and grab your sweatband. Partner fitness classes are a thing now and they are offered at studios and gyms all over the place. If they are into health and wellness, you’ll get kudos for this one. Check out places around you and book something for the two of you. Couples yoga? Oh just do it. Bring your man to the barre? Grin and bare it!

3. Men, pen your love!

I will forever wish I lived during the times when the forms of communication were limited to phone calls and letters. I’m convinced men were much braver and women were wooed appropriately but that’s for another blog. When I was 14, I was a budding romantic and wrote my boyfriend at the time a handwritten letter and mailed it to his house. My mom asked me if I wrote him a Dear John letter and I enthusiastically said “yes!”. His name was John and I had no idea what a Dear John letter meant at the time so when we didn’t break up soon after she questioned me. When I realized what a Dear John letter was, I think I laughed for an entire week straight about the mix-up. Ok I’m digressing, back to you writing that letter. Men- write that love letter! If you’re reading this and saying to yourself “hell no” then that’s an indicator it’s the perfect thing for you to do. Spill your guts and melt some hearts! There’s something adorable about seeing messy handwriting and men expressing how they feel in ways other than on social media or in a text. So man up, get out that pen and paper and give Shakespeare a run for his money.

4. Be artsy

Don’t we all have an artist inside us somewhere?! Candle making class, painting class, drawing class, pottery class...you get the point. Whatever it is that you can find around you, consider booking one for the both of you. Even if you’re awful at anything artistic, it can be something to laugh about. And hey if you’re great at it, maybe you’ll open a joint Etsy store and the rest will be history.

5. Just say yes to that chick flick

Guys love to act like they don’t enjoy romance movies until they are forced into watching one. In the middle of it you glance over and they’re completely hooked to the storyline and even shush you when you try to talk. How rude! For once just “give in” guys and watch her type of movie on the most romantic night of the year. Or better yet get it ready beforehand and send shock waves through the air. As someone who rarely watches movies in any other genre besides romance (I’m an old soul, Nicholas Sparks find me in the next lifetime!). Here are some great Valentine’s Day suggestions for Netflix or to stream at home - About Time, Sweet Home Alabama, The Longest Ride, The Notebook, Evening, The Choice, Serendipity, 13 Going on 30, Can’t Buy Me Love, Love and Other Drugs, Crazy/Beautiful, Stuck In Love, 27 Dresses, Dear John, P.S. I Love You, 17 Again, Love Rosie, Definitely/Maybe, You’ve Got Mail.

If you’re single and hosting a Galentine’s Day party, Molly’s Game couldn’t be more fitting, it will not disappoint!

6. Couples massage

No, a couples massage gift never gets old. Cliche, yes! Bad idea, never! If you’re short on time and convenience is king, this is never a bad route to take. You get pampered, they get pampered, it’s a win-win. If you’re feeling like it’s too basic, make it an entire day at the spa - cucumbers on your eyes, hot stones on your back, wearing robes from 9-5, and not a single care in the world...book it!

7. Make it all about the wine

It feels wrong to pull out a bottle of whiskey on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t it?! If there was an official drink for 2/14 it would hands down be wine. Consider finding a nice and cozy wine bar or buy a great bottle of wine that you’ve never tried before. Looking to impress him or her? Check this wine guide out, they’ll be pleasantly surprised and left wondering if you’re secretly studying to be a sommelier.

8. Do something totally unexpected

It can be easy to think chocolate, flowers, card...and I’m done. Step it up and get creative! Whatever you usually do, do the opposite. Take a risk, throw inhibitions out the window, and do what you got to do to make them feel appreciated. You’ll get major brownie points and they’ll be asking, “What has gotten into you?!”. Love baby, love.