9 CBD Gifts For The Friends And Family Who Love To Feel Good

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Written By: Brianna Snyder

It seemed like 2018 was the year of CBD (but actually it looks like that honor will go to 2019). With the rise of legal marijuana, CBD is following close behind as a therapeutic and sometimes-medical alternative to the psychotropic effects of THC-laden marijuana.

If you’re not familiar, CBD and CBD extracts is marijuana but without the chemical—THC—that makes you “high.” That’s high in the brain; CBD makes you more like high in the body. Its properties are soothing, calming, nourishing, replenishing—or at least that’s what the die-hard fans of CBD say about it.

So because it’s Christmas and it’s 2018, CBD might be the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person you got paired with for Secret Santa. Or maybe you just want one of these babies for yourself. There were a lot of great CBD products this year.

Here are some of our favorites.

1. Not Pot Vegan CBD Gummies


These strawberry-flavored supplements are so popular they won’t let you buy more than three jars at a time. They help relieve stress and anxiety, sleeplessness, pain, and grumpiness. Promising review: “These gummies work wonders to help chill me out when I'm feeling stressed! They're fun and tasty too :)”

2. MINERAL Mind + Body Self Care Kit


This set of oils is made with the whole hemp plant so it includes not just CBD but other (not-mind-altering) cannabinoids that can relieve inflammation.

3. LEVO oil infuser


Infuse oil or butter with any of your favorite herbs—including THE herb—with this little countertop machine. Yes, you can put regular pot in here and cook it down so the THC is burnt off. You can use the oils and butters for general use or cooking. Feel free to experiment! Perks of this include: Getting to make wild and delicious CBD- (or other-) infused foods and tinctures and an ability to control exactly how much goes into each concoction. If you find that heavier CBD products overwhelm you, here’s your opportunity to test exactly what works for your body.

4. Premium Hemp Infused Raw Honey


What is better, truly, for your tea than this honey for “whenever tranquility of the body and mind is required,” according to the website. De-stress, reduce nausea, and be un-inflamed. The honey is all-natural and raw and infused with industrial hemp.

5. Allume Chill Box

(Starting at $65)

A subscription service for all things relating to pot—including CBD. This is like Birch Box for chilling out. Each month, you’ll receive 5-8 products from established and emerging brands. You’ll find rolling papers, fragrances, ceramics, glassware, pouches, and ash trays. The products here are sleek and stylish.

6. Studio A-OK Wellness Koozie


Hey if you love CBD so much, why don’t you MARRY IT? No, just kidding. If you love CBD so much, why don’t you TELL THE WORLD WITH A KOOZIE. That’s the gist of this gift, which, you have to admit, looks pretty good for what it is.

7. Forever Pet CBD


This hemp-infused oil helps relieve pain, inflammation, immobility, aging, and behavioral issues. Does your sister’s cat’s hyperthyroidism make that cat scream in your sister’s face all night? Has she tried hard to get the vet to put that cat down since her husband left and she doesn’t have anyone to help cut the cat’s nails? Does she seem sad, hopeless, and also tired because her cat screams all night like a human baby? This CBD oil could help.

8. Apothecanna Everyday Creme


Apothecanna has a series of creams suited for a variety of ailments. The Everyday cream hydrates and relieves tension. You can also get Extra Strength, Calming, Circulating, and Relieving. The company also makes a line of oils—one that boosts “sexy time”—if you’re not a cream person. There’s bug spray, foot spray, face oil, and lip balm.

9. CBD Calming Eye Balm


Put the cucumbers back in the salad. This eye balm is a moisturizing and refreshing alternative to a cold compress, plus it helps protect that delicate skin under your eyes. It’s cool, soft, and silky. Use it twice a day to look 16 again. (OK, just kidding about that last part.)