Health & Wellness Gift Guide For The Holidays: Great Ideas For Everyone In Your Life

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Written By: Melissa Fiorenza

Everyone has friends who are determined to live a healthy life. For them, there’s nothing better than having someone cheer them on, encourage their journey to wellness, and buy them really cool gifts to help make that trek more fun and easier to do. Here are 10 gifts you won’t go wrong with.

Wireless earbuds for your fit friend who likes to jam out while they work out.

With 10-hour battery life, IPX5 sweat proofing, and a reflective cable that works wonders at nighttime, the JBL Reflect Mini 2 set ($99.95) is the perfect gift for anyone in your squad who can’t exercise without a killer playlist. (I wore them during a 5k and can vouch: no falling out of the ears, fantastic sound quality.)

Candles made in real coconuts for your Zen friend with wanderlust.

Backyard Candles makes premium scented soy candles in real half shell coconuts, and are hand poured in small batches for maximum performance. Coolest part (other than the fact that they’ll spiritually teleport your pals to paradise), you can repurpose the coconut after the wax is gone. Our faves: Margarita and Beach at Night (both $10).

A fitness-themed planner for your goal-getter girls.

Is someone in your life on a mission to live healthier? Fitlosophy’s weekly fitspiration planner ($40) is a multi-purpose planner, with plenty of space for appointments, to-dos, notes of gratitude, fitness goals, H20 tracking, and more. And what’s a planner without colorful stickers? This one comes with 3 sheets of over 200 = score.

Caffeinated snack bars for your coffee-lovin’ squad.

When your buddies need a nutritious energy boost between coffee runs, there’s these: Eat Your Coffee bars. They’re vegan, gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, and packed with 80mg of caffeine (1 cup of coffee) from real, fair trade roasted coffee. And they come in three flavors: peanut butter mocha, salted caramel macchiato, and fudgy mocha latte. Talk about a pick-me-up!

A certified sleep coach for your overtired bestie.

Raise your hand if you didn’t know sleep coaches were a thing. Well, they are—and considering how important sleep is to your health, wellness, and beauty (both inner and outer!), there’s a good chance one of your friends could use one. At Reverie Sleep Coach, you can pay for a personal trainer of sorts (starting at $49), who will provide your exhausted gift recipient with a customized sleep plan, curated tips, one-on-one coaching sessions, and more. Sweet dreams to that.


A moisturizing night cream for your environmentally-conscious crew.

Block Island Organics’ Organic Revitalizing Night Cream ($29.99) is made with gentle botanicals like cocoa butter, calendula, rosehip, avocado, aloe vera, jojoba, and blueberry; it’s like an anti-aging, light-weight smoothie for your face with UV benefits. And ready for these stamps of approval? It’s cruelty-free, recycle friendly, reef friendly, travel approved, paraben free, sulfate free, fragrance free, dye free, and beyond. (Maybe snag one for yourself too.)

Crazy smart dumbbells for your significant other.

Might want to reserve this one for your nearest and dearest because it’s a bit higher in the price point ($499), but what an awesome gift. The Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbells are the first-ever smart dumbbells. They record reps and weight lifted, and even notify you when you finish each rep properly. And with the option to change your resistance from 5 pounds up to 60 with the turn of a dial, they really do adapt to your increasing strength and help you get the most from every workout.

A powerful little bracelet for your favorite colleague.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little visual reminder to take care of yourself.’s Take Care bracelet ($18) does just that. Hand-crafted here in the U.S. with fine crystals and 12k gold-plated hardware, the bracelet is pink to represent self-love, femininity, and kindness. This is pretty neat too: the idea is for your gift recipient to register the bracelet, wear the words on her wrist, and then eventually pass it on to someone else who could use the reminder, and follow their journey.

Ugly produce for those who love their fruits and veggies.

Got a pal who loves to cook and always needs fresh ingredients? Or a coworker who eats fruits and veggies around the clock? Subscribe them to a delivery service (starting at $11) that, wait for it...sends them ugly produce. For real. Here’s the gist: Imperfect Produce sells their goods at 30% to 50% less than supermarkets, and is basically saving the world from 30 million pounds of discarded food that is perfectly edible (which leads to 900 millions gallons of water saved). Do good, eat well. Your friend will love it.

A nifty new water bottle for your dehydrated friend.

Getting in your water count isn’t always easy, except when it is. Like when you’re at a spa drinking H20 laced with refreshing cucumbers and lemons. Enter the Pressa Bottle (25). Made from BPA-Free Tritan plastic, the Pressa Bottle lets you press and juice real fruit right into their water. No mess, no hassle. Fun fact: the product was featured on Dragons’ Den, the Canadian equivalent of Shark Tank. (And yes, it did well!)