Invisible Teeth Aligners You Can Buy Online

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What You Get: Affordable invisible braces

Average Monthly Cost: $66

Features: Top and bottom aligners can be ordered separately

Extras: Teeth whitening treatment, permanent retainer

Special Offer: Free Smile Assessment

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Smilelove created a teeth straightening process that they claim is easy for anyone, and you can straighten your teeth right at home. First they’ll mail you an impression kit to create molds of your teeth, which takes 20-30 minutes in total. When you return the molds, Smilelove will send you a preview of your expected results to make sure you’re ready. Then they’ll custom manufacture your new clear aligners and quickly ship them out so you can get started on your treatment. They have dental experts on hand that can answer any question or concern you may have about their products and services.

When you get your braces, you’ll also get a handy case and some great additional products, including a whitening treatment and permanent retainers. They also have a great customer support system, including on-site chat, email contact and a toll-free phone number, so you can get any questions answered quickly however you prefer to communicate.

Check out their Smile Assessment and see if Smilelove is a good fit for your teeth goals!

What You Get: Orthodontist-designed treatment with aligners delivered to your door.

Total Cost: $1,900

Features: Get a 3D preview of your smile before you buy aligners, treatment designed by an actual orthodontist, one-to-one customer care, full refund if you’re not a candidate

Extras:Premium whitening foam, $25 Smile Train donation, carrying case

Special Offer: 65% Off Starter Kit - CODE: NEWYOU65 or FREE 30-minute scan at a Candid Studio

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Candid is one of the only direct to consumer clear aligner brands that works exclusively with orthodontists, not general or cosmetic dentists. That means the treatment of gaps/spacing, crowding, or protrusion will be directed by an expert in tooth movement.

They offer two ways to get started:

Their at-home starter kit includes all the materials you need to take molds of your teeth. The kit purchase is risk-free, so if the orthodontist evaluating your case doesn’t think Candid is a good fit for you, you’ll be refunded in full.

You can also visit a Candid Studio for a free consultation, where they’ll take a digital scan of your teeth. There is no commitment to buy aligners during your visit.

However you decide to get started, your case will be evaluated by an orthodontist licensed in your state. If your case is approved, they’ll use your records to create a 3D visualization of how your teeth will shift throughout treatment.

Candid clear aligners are easy to wear and are virtually invisible. Since the customer is largely in control of their own treatment, great results will depend on how strictly the user adheres to his or her prescribed treatment. Their aligners need to be worn for 22 hours a day, only removing them to eat or drink. This can be a big commitment, but an important one where results are concerned.

What You Get: Invisible aligners delivered to your door

Average Monthly Cost: $80

Features: Get a treatment plan with a 3D scan or impression kit

Extras: Teledentistry, whitening and touch-ups, retainers

Special Offer: 30 Second Assessment

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Smile Direct Club

If you’ve been thinking about clear braces for more than a few days, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Smile Direct Club. They’re one of the most widely reviewed brands on the internet - but they’ve also got a physical presence in the form of Smile Shops. Their Smile Shops are real locations where you can go and have a qualified professional put together your treatment plan.

Don’t want to do your own impression kit? Have the Smile Shop do it for you, or you can use their 3D scanning technology for an impression-free experience. Smile Shops are located all around the U.S. and Canada, so there’s a good chance you’re not too far from a location.

Smile Direct Club also gives you retainers (and ‘chewys’ for tightening) and teeth whitening treatments to complete the package and offer a full teeth treatment plan.

SmileDirectClub removes the hassle of repeated office visits, but that doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality care. They work with a network of 225 duly licensed dentists and orthodontists to give you professional treatment. Your SmileDirectClub dentist or orthodontist reviews your photos, medical history, and a 3D image of your smile before building your custom plan — it’s similar to an in-office appointment without the travel.

Their free online assessment takes only 30 seconds, so you might as well fill it out and see what they can do for your smile!

What You Get: Aligners for light or moderate alignment

Average Monthly Cost: $62

Features: Their treatment takes into account the shape of your entire face, not just your teeth

Extras: HyperByte - a dental movement acceleration device that designed to more accurately seat your teeth and reducing your need for refinements

Special Offer: 70% Off Impression Kit

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byte is a solution for those who are looking for not just straight teeth, but a completely new smile. Engineered and practiced by Chief Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Jon Marashi for Hollywood stars over the last 20 years, byte treats each case with full faced selfies that analyzes your facial symmetry to better fit your smile to your face.

In addition to their whole-face approach, byte also utilizes High Frequency Vibration through their HyperByte technology to seat your aligners consistently, with the goal of reducing overall treatment time. They recommend using the HyperByte for 5 minutes per day, a quick way to be sure you’re getting the most out of your new aligners.

Like most of the other companies on this list, you’ll get a whitening treatment as well as retainers to preserve your results from the treatment. At an average monthly cost of $62, they’re one of the most affordable options on this list.

The impression kit will cost you a few bucks, but it comes with a no-risk guarantee, so if you don’t want to go through with the plan or aren’t accepted as a candidate (byte isn’t for everyone) you’ll get a refund.

If you need financing, byte offers payment plans through Affirm. It’s an easy way to get started if you’ve been putting off taking care of your teeth due to prohibitive costs.

Visit their site for tons more useful info!

What You Get: Unfussy invisible aligners

Total Cost: ~$2,000

Features: Simple pricing structure - you'll know what you're going to pay upfront

Extras: Package includes a retainer to keep your teeth straight after treatment

Special Offer: Free Online Assessment

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Fix your smile in a snap with SnapCorrect’s invisible aligners that are sent directly to your house. SnapCorrect guides you from the process of creating dental impressions through your treatment, and their dedicated dental experts create aligners that are tailored to your smile. They also provide a complimentary dental foam and a gel home whitening kit that come with your aligners. Their dentists and lab technicians use state-of-the-art software and molding plastics designed to fit comfortably in your mouth.

Their product is similar to Invisalign, one of the most well-known aligner companies on the market. However, unlike 3D printing that some other companies use, SnapCorrect uses a unique molding process, which allows them to create highly-customized and snug-fitting aligners. Because of this, you do not need to have any attachments placed on your teeth to hold your aligners in place.

Treatments range in time from 3 to 18 months according to their website. Their dental technicians create your custom treatment plan, and will send you before and after 3-D images of your teeth and your projected results.

Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.
— Christie Brinkley

Why Use Invisible Aligners?

Who doesn’t want a perfect smile? While it’s a great thought, getting the ‘cheese’ face you want can often be an expensive, painful and time-consuming process. Well, that’s how it used to be - until invisible aligners and clear braces hit the market.

Traditional braces work by putting metal brackets and wires in your mouth to slowly reposition your teeth. On the contrary, invisible aligners (a.k.a. ‘clear braces’) are made of molded or 3D printed plastic that fit tight to your teeth and move them where they belong.

Depending on your particular dental scenario, invisible aligners may or may not be the recommended treatment - always consult with a licensed dental or orthodontic practitioner. Luckily, most of the companies offering invisible aligners have professionals that will help guide you through the assessment and treatment process.

Who Can Use Them?

If your teeth suffer from moderate misalignment, are a bit too crowded or have a little too much space, there’s a good chance that clear braces would be on the list of recommended solutions.

Moderately crowded teeth

Moderately crowded teeth

Invisible aligners are most suited for people in their late teens or adulthood. To be effective they need to fit tightly, which requires more attention for younger patients whose mouths are still growing quickly.

How long does treatment usually take?

It should be no surprise that everyone’s results are going to be a little different, but the main determining factor in treatment time is the difference in distance and rotation from their original positions to their final placements. An adult who needs a little bit of straightening out might get their desired level of success in a matter of weeks, while a younger person with large gaps or overcrowding could be using the aligners for up to 24 months. If you’re wondering how long it will take for you, consult an invisible aligner company - they’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate based on pictures and other information you provide.

How much do invisible Aligners cost?

With advancements in 3D printing, treatment design and safer plastics, invisible braces are becoming more affordable every day. Most companies have treatment plans that cost between $60-80 per month, and many such plans are covered by health and dental insurance. Check with your insurance carrier to see exactly what’s covered. There’s always the option to pay up front, which saves you money in the long run since you won’t have to pay any interest or financing costs.

To put that into perspective, you’re probably paying more for your mobile phone each month than you’ll spend on your perfect smile - and you’ll only pay until the treatment is finished! Most companies provide you with a retainer to make sure your results last and your teeth stay where they belong. It’s a small price to pay for a lasting smile that will boost your confidence and make you grin bigger and wider every time you pass by a mirror!

Where can I buy invisible aligners?

There are a lot of companies that offer clear braces online, which is why we wrote this article! Check out the companies at the top of this page and see the strengths, weakness, pros and cons of each to make the decision that’s best for your particular situation.

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