Let’s Talk About Jade Rolling


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Written By: Lauryn Paiva

I like to think I’m fairly in the loop when it comes to skincare trends. Ever since I moved to New York City and was almost instantly gifted the unique nightmare of adult acne (job stress and the consistent grime of city living takes a huge toll on your epidermis, as it turns out!), I’ve turned the act of caring for my skin from a routine to a full-blown hobby. I’ve dropped untold amounts of money on every serum, moisturizer, and sheet masks under the sun. I get regular facials, exercise three times a week, and am on a first name basis with my dermatologist.

That’s all to say that while I’m all about experimenting with new products, I am way more comfortable outsourcing the more refined rituals of upkeep to the professionals who are properly trained in the art of popping a zit (to this day, I have never tried that at home). I stay far away from tools like DIY lasers and blemish extractors, convinced I will screw it up and mar my face forever in the process.

Enter jade rolling. Even I could manage to roll something all over my face without messing it up, right? Maybe, but I had some questions. First of all, what exactly is jade rolling, besides something I see recommended to me everywhere?

I know that facial rollers can be made from different kinds of gemstones — jade is a viral hit because it’s believed to have detoxifying properties. Jade rolling (besides giving you a nice little facial massage) is said to help brighten your complexion (ideal for battling those pesky acne scars and other pigmentation issues), tone down puffiness (thank you, happy hour), and improve elasticity (see also: helps to keep us looking young).

Aside from the obvious benefits, jade rolling is super affordable (I bought my jade roller on Amazon for $17) and can also help release tension in your jaw (as a sleep clencher, I’m open to anything that provides relief in this department). Pro tip: tossing your jade roller in the fridge 30 minutes before use will give this naturally cool tool some added oomph when it comes to de-puffing your skin.

While it’s too soon for me to gauge whether or not I’ve noticed a real difference with the jade roller, it’s hard to dispute science — massaging our skin promotes better circulation, which in turn helps with absorption. At the very least, it seems, jade rolling will work in tandem with the products I’m already using. Plus, it feels good. And that’s something I’ll never be afraid to indulge in.