Multitask To The Max: Exercises For A Quick, Equipment-Free Workout You Can Do Anywhere

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Written By: Taylor Rao

Time is the one resource we can’t get more of, and as schedules fill up and the list of commitments gets longer, it might seem like your free time is dwindling away, making it difficult to squeeze in necessary tasks like getting your daily exercise.

So, if every day can’t be a gym day, it’s OK. When an hour of “me time” is a no-go, have a quick, easy to memorize workout at the ready. Try these exercises that are as effective for your body as they are for your schedule. Can you say, multitasking?!

While You’re Cooking: Calf Raises

There’s always a bit of downtime around dinner as you wait for something on the stove to simmer or the oven timer to ding. So, practice some calf raises while you’re standing there keeping an eye on whatever’s about to burn (and burn some calories instead).

HOW: Stand tall with your hips square. Lightly press your heels together and point your toes out facing 11 and 1 o’clock (think: plié from your childhood ballet class). From there, touch the countertop for support or put your hands on your hips as you raise up to your tippy toes and lower back down to starting position. Keep your spine tall and eyes looking straight ahead, and for an extra challenge, add a slight bend in the knee on the way down and hold for a few seconds before coming back up. You’ll feel the burn.

While You Watch TV: Bicycle Crunches

Who doesn’t want to burn a little belly fat while you Netflix binge? Hop off the couch and get your heartrate going with some simple bicycle crunches that will pass the time during commercial breaks.

HOW: On the floor (preferably a carpet or yoga mat) lie flat and press your lower back to the ground. With your hands behind your head, lift your upper body while simultaneously bringing one knee tight toward your chest --opposite knee to opposite elbow. Repeat one on each side until you reach 10 reps. Take a short break in between sets if you need it, and then repeat!

While You’re Doing Laundry: Reverse Lunges

Folding clothes is never fun, so make a game of it and in between taking one garment out of the dryer and folding another, add a reverse lunge in there!

HOW: Stand tall and look directly at the wall or something at your eye-level. With your feet placed hip distance apart, step one leg directly leg behind you, creating a bend in the front knee, while the back knee steadily reaches as close to the ground as possible. Be sure to maintain a straight posture with your hips straight and abs engaged. Then, return your back leg to standing position and switch legs to repeat the reverse lunge. For balance, place your hands on your hips or hold them out in front of you.

While You Get Ready For Bed: Wall Sit

This one couldn’t be more self explanatory. Once you’ve reached bedtime, add one quick, little workout that will tucker you out just enough. So, to test your endurance while you brush your teeth, all you need is a wall --literally.

HOW: With your back flat against the wall, slowly lower yourself down to a 90-degree angle with your knees bent. Engage your core (AKA squeeze those abs!) and sit in this position for as long as possible, or until it’s time to rinse out your mouthwash.