Sesame Roasted Chicken & Fig Salad


Recipe by: PWPantry


An easy to throw together salad, that looks a little more impressive with the addition of figs – an easy way to impress if you are hosting.

This chicken salad is a sensational combination of sweet and salty ingredients. Mild grilled chicken, light salad leaves, sweet fresh figs, roasted asparagus, and tangy sundried tomatoes—this combination of contrasting flavors and textures is one to try!  An addition of creamy gorgonzola would go well if you aren’t watching your waistline…



This recipe serves 4

  • Roast Chicken pieces (a salad perfect for leftovers!)
  • Fresh Figs (approx 8)
  • Fresh Baby Tomatoes (approx 10)
  • Sliced Sundried Tomatoes (about 14)
  • Mixed Salad Leaves
  • Julienned Salad Extras (thinly sliced extra such as cabbage and carrot)
  • 12 Asparagus stems (and garlic to grill with)
  • (Gorgonzola and a Sprinkle of Pine Nuts optional extra tastiness)
  • Sesame Dressing


  • Make your plates up with salad base items first and the two tomato types.
  • Pop your asparagus in the grill / heated frying pan with finely chopped garlic & olive oil and grill until softened.

  • Slice warm roast chicken slices  on top with a little extra virgin olive oil.

  • Dressing is a creamy roasted Sesame Asian style dressing but any you make/buy will go with this.

  • Arrange asparagus and figs on top of salad and serve!