Factor75 Delivery Meal Kit Review

Factor 75 Delivery Meal Kit

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Factor75 is a meal delivery service with a difference. It delivers delicious, fully-cooked meals planned and prepared by expert chefs. You need only heat them up to make them ready to serve and enjoy. What really sets Factor75 meals apart is their well-earned reputation for deliciousness and freshness. You can heat up a Factor75 meal in the over or in the microwave. Best of all, you get to use all the time you saved by skipping meal prep to do whatever you want!

The "Factor75" name has a little philosophy behind it. It's based on the idea that three-quarters (that is, 75 percent) of how you look, feel, and act depends on your diet. While Factor75's meals are noteworthy for their excellent taste, the company is deeply committed to delivering quality nutrition. Factor75 uses exclusively certified organic ingredients. What you won’t find are any hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or genetic modifications. The Factor75 menu also excludes soy and gluten products entirely. The company even provides full support for specialty diets like dairy-free, paleo, and keto.

Who's The Ideal Customer?

There are several sorts of people who can benefit from Factor75:

  • People looking to lose weight. Beyond the nutritional quality and taste of their meals, Factor75 also gives you access to nutrition consultants who can help you improve every aspect of your diet.

  • People with dietary restrictions. The Factor75 program can be effortlessly adjusted to suit specialty diets. This includes keto, paleo, low-carb, and many other options. Factor75 makes it easier to comply with your diet without missing out on any important nutrients.

  • People who want nutritious meals fast. Factor75 is ideal for people who have an abiding interest in the quality of their food but lack the free time in their schedules to handle preparation and cooking themselves.

Factor75 Options

The range of different programs available to you from Factor75 is split up according to the number of meals delivered each week. The common plans include 4, 6, 8, 12, or 18 meals. Factor75 has the flexibility to partially or fully meet your meal needs - and it can be adjusted to cover multiple people!

Meal Variety

Every week, Factor75 offers up a wide range of different meals. The menu is updated, adjusted, and rotated on a weekly basis. The company offers dozens of options for every meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Factor75 allows you to specify every meal you get delivered, or you can leave the choices up to them. Factor75 will select your meals based on your dietary needs, your taste preferences, and information on your past orders.

How does it Taste?

The Pure Healthy Living team is always committed to delivering first-hand reports on all of the services we review. In order to do so, we taste-test as much of a company's menu as possible. We want our reviews to be as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

The results are in - the food is great! Even though the meals are heavily biased toward being lean (for weight loss), we found them highly satisfying. We weren't too surprised at the overall excellent quality of the meals - you can definitely tell that the company relies on professional chefs to handle all of their cooking. The company's distinctive packaging is also a big benefit. Factor75 meals are delivered in sealed containers with almost no oxygen inside; this minimizes the risk of oxidation or aerobic microorganisms. This is how the company delivers long-lasting cooked meals without using preservatives.

The Box

Factor75's commitment to quality is also apparent in their meal box. The inside of the box is insulated, with ice on the top and bottom to keep meals cold and fresh.

Each meal is packed in its own container with a meal-specific sleeve. This sleeve gives tells you the meal name, nutritional data, and heating instructions. This packaging is both convenient and helpful, making sure you know what you’re eating and how to prepare it.

Most of the materials Factor75 uses for packaging are recyclable and environmentally friendly, a practice that’s in line with the company values and their quality meals.


Factor75 believes in using only the healthiest, freshest ingredients for their meal boxes. In each meal, they strive to strike an optimum balance between lean protein, low-glycemic carbohydrates, and healthy fats in healthy portions.

The company is committed to using ingredients free of GMOs, hormones, antibiotics and preservatives. Factor75 ingredients are always organic, gluten-free, and soy-free. For meat, they rely exclusively on pasture-raised, grass-fed animals and wild caught fish.

Online Presence & Ordering Mechanics

Signing up with Factor75 is incredibly easy. All you need to start with is an email address and a zip code. You can register and start picking meals in minutes. Your personal account is available 24/7 for checking or changing your subscription details. You can change meal choices or move to a different plan at any time. You can also cancel (or pause) your Factor75 account at any time.


Factor75 is an excellent resource for people who are pressed for time but don't want to give up eating healthy. Whether weight loss or simple good nutrition is the goal, Factor75 delivers. The service is especially adept at meeting even the most specialized of dietary needs, e.g. gluten-free, keto, paleo, and more.

The Factor75 service also scores points for sticking to the "no cooking required" promise religiously. EVERY meal comes fully prepared and ready for fridge storage. All you have to do is heat them (in the microwave or oven) when you're ready to serve them! Factor75 meals are about as convenient as you can get - the fact that they're also delicious makes Factor75 a big winner.

James Kehoe