Brianna Snyder


Brianna Snyder is a writer and editor in Upstate New York. She believes people don't buy products. They buy stories. Telling a story is how we sell a book, a business, a school.  As a reporter, audience developer, social media manager, copy, content, and brand writer, she's told thousands of stories in countless forms. 

Quick Facts About Brianna:

Her motto: “If I’m not tweezin’ I’m wheezin’!”

First celebrity crush: Brad Renfro RIP!!!!!!!

Favorite Book: “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” (Sorry)

A thing fewer than ten people know about her: I only like one of my grandmothers.

Favorite thing to write about: Fat acceptance, feminism, women, CATS (not the musical)

Connect With Brianna:

Twitter: @SpicyBrianna
Medium: @BriannaLSnyder