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How much sleep do you need? According to this study, it’s in your DNA

I’ve never been able to understand how people can wake up ready to go when they’re getting less than 6 hours of sleep. But thanks to science, we’re starting to learn some answers.

In 2014, a study of sleep genetics found that 80% of people’s susceptibility to symptoms of sleep deprivation had to do with their genetics. And now, there are more and more studies to back that claim. 

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36 Ways To Make Your Home Cleaner And Safer

A new report from Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health shows just how much our homes influence the health of those that live in them. The study was authored by Joseph G. Allen and John D. Spengler, who are experts at studying homes and their relation to our health. Below, we dissect their 36 actions that you can easily implement where you live.

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28 Day Challenge For Self Love

To help inspire you, we’ve created a 28-day challenge focusing directly on self love. Each day, check each of these items off the list — and by the time March comes, carry over your favorites. Self love shouldn’t stop at the end — if anything, you should be inspired to practice some of these self love routines all year long.

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Ways To Come Down From An Anxiety Attack

If you suffer from anxiety, you know you can’t control the onset of an attack — it can happen at work, on a date, during a class, or while you’re driving. I’ve been there, and losing that sense of control is as frustrating as it is terrifying. Here are some ways to help after an attack.

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